Conversion Success Training

At Dominate Dental, we understand that the positive growth and ultimate success of your practice is always the result of a team effort.

Whilst our team consistently generates new Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry enquiries for your practice, we also place the utmost importance on working with your whole team to ensure they are equipped with the best practices to convert your leads into active patients.

Most decent marketing companies can make your phone ring and fill up your inbox - but we go the extra mile to ensure that your team can consistently close new patient enquiries into smile assessments, and smile assessments into Treatment Started.

What good is a new Invisalign enquiry if the person they first speak to on reception doesn’t know how to lead them through a high-converting patient journey?

Invisalign Marketing Services

Conversion Success Training

Our online video-training program is crafted by our experts and designed for your whole team to utilise.

Showcasing our best practise processes in achieving optimum patient conversion, this easy to follow, step by step training programme features exclusive modules that guarantee to make your practice a well oiled marketing and converting machine.

What is Included?

Begin your journey with our 5 step Conversion Success Training. An easy to follow, five step tutorial, designed to train your whole team on the methods of successful conversion.

Our in-house experts guide you through the tips and tricks from how to guarantee success when making those first points of contact with your leads to how to expertly discuss pricing, and the best ways to make your practice stand out from the crowd.

The second module shows your team how to grow your social media platforms, building expert strategies into your daily workflows and generating organic leads. Whilst Dominate Dental takes care of your content schedule and the creation of your posts, with this training your team can help to support the growth of your social media platforms by being active in real-time!

Your training also features unique downloadable assets, such as specialist social media tasks that can be built into team members' workflows, and tried and tested call scripts that guarantee a prospect’s successful first call with your reception team.

Additionally you will find a complete email series that can be downloaded and plugged into your email marketing software, to encourage conversion from your existing patient lists.

Our comprehensive team training programme is a vital addition to any successful marketing model and ensures that your practice stays at the forefront of the dental industry.

Just take a look at one of our success stories below:

Contacting a potential new patient within the first hour of their enquiry makes them 7x more likely to convert, so speed of contact is definitely key.

With our expert training we managed to help one of our client’s front of house team bring their average response time down from 45 hours to just 8 hours.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Enquire on how to get access to our Conversion Success Training, for your practice, today.

Invisalign Marketing Services
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