Instagram SEO: What is it and how can you utilise it for your Dental Practice?

Instagram SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about optimising your practice’s Instagram page so that it can be discovered in peoples’ search results. By utilising SEO tactics for both your profile and content you can ensure that your profile is optimised efficiently for maximum reach to new audiences and potential patients. 

When a user (i.e. your potential future patient) searches for a specific keyword or hashtag in the Instagram search bar, the algorithm will look for relevant usernames, bios, captions, hashtags and locations to show them in the search results. 

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So, what quick and easy things can you do to help boost your Instagram SEO, right now?

Optimise Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio, which sits at the top of your Practice’s profile, is the first piece of written content that a user sees when they visit your page. It’s your first impression – and we all know that first impressions count! So whilst many believe it’s the best place to shove as much information as possible, it’s actually better to be cool, calm and considered with your chosen copy and ensure that it’s Search Engine Optimised. 

By simply even adding your business location you are immediately boosting your visibility to potential patients that are searching for dentists in their area. 

Be sure to also include your key services too (we’re talking the big money making treatments!). For example if you’re a specialist in orthodontics – add that in there. Or if you’re an Invisalign Platinum Provider – make sure that’s included too. The key here is to not overstuff but to pick key pieces of information that you want to showcase. Your VIP treatments, your USPs and your location. 

Don’t forget to add a Call To Action (CTA) in there too – remember your profile is to serve a purpose, so what do you want people to do when they visit your page? Book an appointment? Find out more information? Meet the team? Whatever it is we suggest adding in a shortened URL link to the appropriate page of your website, (use Link Tree to get these!) – to direct users to take the action you want them to. 

Here is a great example of a Search Engine Optimised Instagram bio:

Search Engine Optimised Instagram Bio

Use location tagging in every post 

As a business, when creating a new post, you should always include your location. It will help to boost your Instagram SEO and also displays at the top of every post, so when one of your posts appears in a user’s news feed as they’re scrolling, they can see your location straight away! Users can click on your location too, to view it on a map. 

adding location to Instagram post

When adding your caption, you can tag other users (a great feature to tag your dentists’ individual profiles too) and then you can select your location. 
Search Location Instagram SEO

Add specific keywords into your captions

Just like your Instagram bio, your post captions should be considered and packed with Search Engine Optimised keywords, to make sure your page stays relevant and discoverable. Be sure to include specific terminology for your treatments, your practice name, location, and product names. All of these help when users are searching for profiles or content. 

Location Keywords

Maintain your account

Just like any well performing machine, your Instagram page requires you to keep up with the regular housework. Ensure that you are posting regularly by setting up a content calendar, aiming to post on your main feed 3 times a week and utilising your stories, reels and IGTV’s as often as possible. Also, be sure to regularly update your calls to action and review your hashtags, making sure that your content is continuously up to date and at its most relevant. 

Don’t forget to stay up to date with Instagram’s recommendations and latest features too. The platform favours accounts who utilise its range of functionalities as it recognises the activity and rewards you for it. 

Finally, and most importantly, continuously review and adhere to the ever evolving community guidelines. Regularly checking the ASA guidelines can help. The ASA, (Advertising Standards Authority) is the UK’s independent advertising regulator, that makes sure Ads across UK media stick to the advertising rules, including across Digital Marketing and Social Media. 

The ASA offers advice and outlines the appropriate codes of conduct for advertisers to ensure that users are marketing within legal guidelines. They can make a huge difference in making sure your content isn’t banned, or even worse, your whole account is shut down! 

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Let us know if you give your Instagram an SEO makeover by tagging us @dominate_dental or why not Get in touch with us today and we can show you how to make sure that not only your social media is the best it can be, but all aspects of your digital marketing are working to deliver great results for your practice.

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