Pop-Up Announcements and Email Blasts During COVID19

You may have decided to temporarily close your practice to save resources, prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect both your staff and patients. 

If so – you need to let your patients, and more importantly, prospective patients, know. 

It’s easily done. Simply follow these steps to ensure everyone knows where you’re at… at least for now. 

STEP 1: Simply spend 10 minutes writing a heartfelt explanation of your intentions to your patients, and add it as a closeable pop-up on the homepage of your website.  

Not only will you buffer the amount of “are you open?” enquiries you get, but you can also include details of what to do in an emergency, temporary contact details and possible dates of reopening. 

For example: 

Sample Pop Up

STEP 2: Once you’ve written the copy for your pop-up – get it onto a blog post on your website. 

STEP 3: Use a snippet of the blog post, along with a matching photo or video and post them to your social media. 

REMEMBER: Do your hashtag research – make sure you’re falling into the correct search traffic. 

STEP 4: Use a link shortening tool, like Bitly.com, and place your Blog Post link into a broadcast email or text message to your current patients

Whilst all of our inboxes are being flooded with business info right now – if your update helps one patient, then it’s the right thing to do to send it out. 

Simply write a kind, empathetic and upbeat email to your patients, add the Blog link, and broadcast to all patients via your Patient Management Software

Sample Pop Up 2

STEP 5: Adapt, alter and repeat. 

If your plans change, if the practice reopens, if Government guidelines allow us to shift our plans, simply rewrite and resend – following the steps above. 

Your patients value you. Show them that you value them too. Keep them up to date on how, when, and where to contact you should the need arise.

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