Get PAID £25 To Submit Your Selfie!

Hey, we’re Dominate Dental, one of the UK’s
premier advertising agencies and we PAY for
that are used in our advertising campaigns.

See the image below? 👇Snap a selfie just like the image in this post and we’ll
send you a £25 Visa Gift Card*.

Selfie Requirements

Selfie Requirements:

*All requirements must be met in order to receive a £25 Visa Gift Card.

  1. Must be a true selfie that YOU take
  2. Please replicate this sample image as closely as possible
  3. Must be smiling with your teeth exposed (like the sample image)
  4. Please take the photo landscape (with your phone horizontal)
  5. You must be wearing sunglasses (similar to the sample image)

BONUS: We'd prefer if you don't have a perfect smile :)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. By submitting your selfie you explicitly give permission to Dominate Dental to use your image in marketing campaigns.
  2. Selfies must meet the requirements above.
  3. £25 Visa Gift Cards will be emailed within 72 hours of submission pending approval of your selfie. If your selfie is not approved, we’ll email you with simple instructions so you can re-submit your selfie.

Submit Your Selfie and Get PAID £25 (Visa Gift Card)

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