How to Craft a Facebook Dental Marketing Plan

Are you ready to leverage your Facebook marketing plan?

Social media is an essential digital marketing channel, especially when it comes to promoting your dental practice.

Some people may argue social media is taking a back burner to other channels, but they’re wrong. It’s becoming more urgent than ever to take advantage of social media and increase your company visibility.

An effective Facebook dental marketing plan isn’t just about making widespread posts. It requires a specific strategy to pay off.

Read on for more insight into making the most of Facebook through your marketing efforts!

1. Create a Robust Facebook Business Page

Developing a competitive Facebook dental marketing plan starts by setting up your business’s page.

It’s fairly straightforward to complete through Facebook’s own guided tutorial. You can even convert an existing profile page into a business page if you’ve set up a business profile beforehand.

Facebook does require that you have at least one review before you publish your business page. You can obtain a review from any online review service, such as Yelp or Google Reviews.

The key to setting up a powerful Facebook business page lies in the details. Make sure you incorporate clear (not pixelated) profile and cover photos. Upload all of your contact information, fill in all of the blanks Facebook provides, and link your pages to Google Maps.

You’ll also want to include store or business hours, your official website, and any other social media profile links. Don’t overwhelm the page with data, but make sure all of the essentials are there.

Activate Facebook messaging immediately so customers can message you anytime. Make sure you do it only if you can respond to customers right away when they do message!

Facebook also enables you to incorporate a “Call to Action” at the top of your Business page. This is a statement or declaration that motivates visitors to do something.

You may encourage your visitors to visit your official website now or sign up for your newsletter to receive exclusive savings. This CTA is different from individual posts you’ll share through any campaign.

Once your business page is up, snazzy-looking, and published, make sure you promote it. You can promote it through your own personal profile, e-newsletters, and other digital platforms.

2. Assemble Your Team

Facebook dental marketing plans are successful when the right people manage them. Identify your team before you plunge in so you know who will be tackling what.

You’ll need someone to maintain the digital marketing plan. This person actively maintains the page itself, responding to customer messages and posting daily updates.

You’ll also need someone to generate and develop content for specific marketing campaigns. This individual will need to do general research, analyze statistics, post content, and follow up on leads.

You may be the only one in charge of all of these tasks, but that’s okay! As long as you stay organized and follow these steps in this post, you’ll have an effective marketing campaign in no time.

If you do have a team, make sure you divvy up tasks ahead of time and check in frequently with performance and results.

3. Outline Your Goals

The most powerful dental marketing campaigns are driven by clear goals. Before you launch your campaign, spend some time outlining your advertising objectives.

Do you simply want more traffic on your website? Do you want more patients per month? Are you trying to build your email subscriber list?

Maybe you’re just starting out as a dental practice and simply want to establish a customer base.

Whatever your goals are, keep them at the front of everything you do.

4. Identify Your Potential Markets

Over two billion users rely on Facebook as a social channel. How can you reach all of them?

It’s definitely possible to reach most Facebook users, but as a dental practice, you’ve already got your own markets to worry about, mainly the locals.

These local audiences should take center stage in your Facebook dental marketing plan. But you’ll also want to identify potential markets within this audience.

For example, perhaps you want to establish your practice as a leader in children’s oral care. You can start a campaign that directly targets parents and families to address this market.

Maybe you’re established in a college town. Take advantage of the large student population by targeting college students in your ads.

Identify all potential markets as you’re brainstorming so you can generate the right content.

5. Develop Actionable Content

When you’re implementing a dental marketing plan, you have many different ways you can post content on Facebook.

You may want to make weekly posts about promotions in your dental practice, new equipment, or team updates. Regular posting is always effective, particularly because it shows an engaged and professional company.

But posts can also have actionable content. For example, you can post about an office promotion eligible only for newsletter subscribers, meaning customers have to give you their email address in order to get a coupon, discount, or another giveaway.

What’s so important about an email address? Everything! An email address means you have one more lead you can send e-newsletters and other content to. And leads can quickly become conversions.

Whether you’re sharing a blog post you just uploaded or a recent customer review, try to post content that urges customers to take action. And make sure that action can directly benefit your customer base.

6. Follow Up With Leads

When you do get email addresses or contact information from leads, immediately store these leads in your subscriber list and follow up with them right away.

What does a follow up look like? It may be a coupon or more information on a promotion. It could also mean a simple email that thanks the user for subscribing.

But don’t stop at just one email. Keep sending personalized and relevant emails to these leads to encourage conversions.

Maybe you send leads a second newsletter, or perhaps you offer them a free e-guide for maintaining flawless oral hygiene. Following up will get you results from your Facebook dental marketing plan.

7. Incorporate SEO and Sync Your Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical tool for improving search listing rankings. If you’ve already implemented a solid SEO campaign, make sure you also optimize any content you promote on Facebook for specific keywords.

If you include images or infographics in Facebook posts, make sure you optimize the file titles and ALT text descriptions with these keywords.

It’s also good practice to keep a blog of your dental practice. Blogs give you a chance to connect with visitors and current customers in a helpful and personal way. They also give you more content for search engine optimization.

Whenever you upload a new blog post, share it on your Facebook Business page. Syncing your blog is a great way to cushion your marketing plan.

After all, customers don’t just want to get ads and promotions from you. They’ll appreciate friendlier forms of marketing too.

8. Consider Paid Facebook Ads and Add-Ons

To truly leverage your Facebook dental marketing plan, consider budgeting some of your marketing funds for a paid Facebook ad campaign.

Paid ads target larger audiences and supplement an existing marketing campaign. What’s more, they don’t eat up huge chunks of your budget.

You may also want to add giveaways to your list of “add-ons”, such as promotional products like toothbrushes and lanyards to the first 100 people to like a post.

It may mean giving an e-book or link to a private webinar to select individuals who subscribe to your newsletter. Add-ons like these can really transform your Facebook efforts.

9. Jump On Board With Facebook Live

If you’re struggling to generate fresh and engaging content, consider video. Facebook Live is a huge resource for businesses wanting to engage with their customers in real time.

It’s easy to use and implement into any existing Facebook page. Check it out today!

10. Post Regularly & Make Use of Statistics

A successful social media campaign is an active one. Stay on top of your campaign, post regularly, and maintain your business page.

Facebook Business pages also have built-in statistics you can view at any time. These statistics give you a sense of traffic to your web page and the type of people your posts reach.

It’s essential to make use of these statistics so you can further hone your campaign.

What’s more, make sure you monitor metrics on your official website. Facebook marketing plans can definitely drive more traffic to your website and encourage more conversions that way.

Building the Best Facebook Dental Marketing Plan

As a dental practice, you depend on your local customers to stay afloat. If you’re developing a dental marketing plan for social media, it’s essential to reach these customers in the right ways.

Create actionable and visual Facebook content aimed at a specific market. Make sure you establish a robust Facebook Business page and know your goals at every step in the campaign.

Follow up on leads through emails and consider making use of Facebook Live, paid ads, and more.

At Dominate Dental, we are here to help you digitally dominate the dental world. Learn more about the marketing services we offer practices everywhere!

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