Generate new patient enquiries amidst COVID-19. Yes, even whilst your practice is closed

Whilst people are at home working, studying, home-schooling their children and using the Internet to fill their evenings and weekends, social media and internet usage is skyrocketing.

We are still seeing leads and enquiries coming in because Facebook and Google activity is not slowing down.

Don’t just take our word for it. The results are here.

This client began their Ad campaigns with us 1 week ago and has generated 14 leads at an insanely low cost of £11.10 each (as we know, the industry average can be from £50-£100 per enquiry).

Another of our long standing clients has received 47 leads spread consistently throughout the month… and there’s no signs of this slowing down.

We are showing you this to encourage you to capitalise on what is happening right now. Traffic volumes have never been higher. This is an opportunity for you to bring in new business and “lock in” new patient enquiries.

On Wednesday we sent our complete process and business model on How to Build Your Pipeline and Hit the Ground Running Post COVID-19.

This model implements advertising FREE Video Smile Assessments to provide the immediate gratification that patients are looking for to get started with their treatment. No delay. No waiting time. A powerful and clear demonstration that your business is adapting and overcoming to provide its patients with the very best level of service and care – even during a lockdown.

Stay safe and well

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