FREE Resource: Give something back to your Patients

Since the effects of COVID19 began, we’ve asked you to turn up the gas on the value you’re giving to your patients.

We’ve reiterated how important it is at this time to become an authority in the market, and keep your brand as on point as possible to build trust with potential new patients.

We’ve helped you implement Social Media ‘ask me anything’ forums, virtual consults, Facebook messenger helplines – all in the bid to ensure your business remains at the forefront of your patients’ minds and you’re as prepared as possible to bounce back once restrictions are lifted.

So what’s next?

Many of your patients may well be homeschooling their children for the foreseeable. So why not use your Patient Management Software to distribute a little helping hand?

We’ve developed a complete home-lesson for Early Years (3 – 5) called ‘Me and My Teeth’ that we’re gifting to you, to send out to your valuable patient list.

You needn’t ask for anything in return – simply a kind and helpful gesture at this time.

Access The ‘Me and My Teeth’ Lesson PDF Now

Simply attach the resource to an email template in your PMS and send to all, or a selected list, of your patients!

You never know who’s day might be made just that little bit easier by receiving a thoughtful gesture.

We’re hoping to develop more of these for varying age groups over the coming weeks – but if this has got your cogs turning, feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas!

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