How to Become a Dentist That Markets Like Apple

You’re a dentist with his or her eyes set on doing bigger and better business through targeted marketing.

It’s not always as easy as it sounds.

What you need is a role model to show you how to become a dentist who markets like a winner.

So, why not take a few hints from a world leader in business marketing?

Today, we’ll be looking at how you can run your marketing plan like an industry titan, namely Apple.

Take a seat, and allow us to school you on how to become a dentist the way Apple computers became the Apple products of today.

Ready? Let’s go!

Stand Out From the Crowd

Let’s get this out of the way: the best way to market like one of the biggest brands in the world is to make your own brand exceptional.

You need a product that sets you apart.

As a dentist, you can’t expect to be the first company in your city to be taking care of people’s teeth. You need to take steps within your industry to seem different from the pack.

Obviously, you’ll want to do this in a positive way. Anything from cutting-edge dental procedures to out-of-the-ordinary decor can help differentiate you.

Consider providing low sugar snacks and a small screen for patients to watch movies on during their operation. Even a massage chair can breathe new life into your waiting room.

Remember: whatever the cost, this is an investment toward making your dental office remarkable.

Market Research

Steve Jobs once said, “It’s hard for consumers to tell you what they want when they’ve never seen anything remotely like it.”

The Apple founder famously insisted his company did not use marketing research to develop its products. Whether this is true has been disputed in recent years, but the sentiment is handy.

If you’re trying to find out how to become a dentist who knows the market, your first step is to take a look at your own products.

Much the same as Apple’s product-facing focus groups, find out which of your services clients get the most value from.

Keep your research focused on making yourself better. You’ll be giving your clients the one thing they really want: a great product that knows what it’s worth.

Stay Simple

One of the hallmarks of Apple’s marketing, since day one, has always been its simplicity.

And it works.

It works really well.

So, if you’re trying to find out how to become a dentist with marketing that works for you, the answer is simple:

Keep it simple.

Avoid jargon in your advertising material.

Seriously. Don’t bombard your clients with technical wording, no matter how important it seems to you. It might feel like you’re being an authority figure, but to someone without a degree in orthodontics, this isn’t necessary.

If anything, you run the risk of making your marketing read like a textbook. Stick to words the man on the street can use.

Cut the clutter from your marketing.

Apple products’ design is clean.

Everything from packages to their advertising is designed with clear fonts and simple pictures of their devices. A well-shot picture of a device, or even just an office space can carry a lot more weight than a dozen impressive graphics.

Use the same design style in your marketing to create something classic and authoritative.

Use iconography to show off your service.

Of course, logos exist for a reason. As a final note, don’t neglect the impact you can create with the effective use of your company logo.

Like with your pictures, use your logo in a way that makes sense to your marketing. Create something classy. Don’t be afraid to use your logo, but also try not to overdo it.

Keep in mind: Don’t flood your clients with marketing imagery as an attempt to convert them.

The simpler, the better.

Create a Buzz

Apple is no stranger to offering services for reviews.

You shouldn’t shy away from it either.

After all, a simple review form on your website or social media profile is often enough to encourage most customers to leave their comments.

And if that doesn’t work, distribute coupons, promote specials, and look out for opportunities to spoil your customers. Every bit of positivity helps.

Understand Why You’re In Business

Apple’s top-down approach to marketing is central to what’s made them famous in the years since they were founded.

Other companies have different departments, all trying to achieve different things. Apple’s mission is consistent.

They know why they exist.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to know how to become a dental office that markets like Apple, you need to know what your goal is and what your values are.

Apple makes sleek, beautiful products that work simply. That’s their core ideology.

What is your dental office really trying to do for your clients?

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Let’s face it, a positive attitude and some fun design tricks can’t fix everything.

Part of your marketing plan has to involve innovation and development.

Apple products have made use of some of the most interesting technological advancements in their fields.

They did this by staying up to date with what was happening in their industry.

Any guide on how to become a dentist by following in Apple’s footsteps would be incomplete without telling you to bring new toys to the party.

Do your research. Investigate new machinery to make operations more efficient. Ask about advanced techniques for whitening or capping.

Whatever the change, be sure to tell everyone.

One important thing to keep in mind is not to get in your own way. Just because you’ve made one change in your operation doesn’t mean you can’t make more.

Don’t resist change.

Focus On the Experience

Create an experience. Anything from your waiting room layout to calling your customers ahead of their appointment can help you accomplish this.

As a dentist, many other businesses may offer the same services as yours. It happens. What you need is to harness specials and unique offers to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Once you create an experience, you start telling a story about your business. And once you create a story, other people tend to tell it for you.

Apple has its story.

In the quest for how to become a dentist who uses marketing techniques like Apple, storytelling is key.

Tell the world a good one about yourself.

Charge What You’re Worth

If Apple wrote a “How to Become a Dentist” marketing handbook, one of the most important chapters would be on cost.

And with good reason: Apple products can be a little pricey.

What’s surprising about their prices, though, is that they’ve always embraced them.

No price wars.

No excuses.

Instead, they focus on proving that their products are worth the cost to customers.

Everyone knows an iPhone is more expensive than products from Apple’s competitors.

What they also know, though, is that the iPhone is trendy, and the applications are fun and easy to use.

So the customers rush to pay for it.

The same could be said for your dental office. When the price of a quality experience is built into the cost of a visit, people are happy to pay more.

Never sell yourself short.

Design Is Worth Your Time

It feels obvious to point out that Apple’s design philosophy is central to its success.

But it is important.

Apple produces their entire line using trendy, recognizable designs. These not only make them look good, but make them instantly recognizable.

Keep this design philosophy in mind when deciding how to become a dentist who uses their marketing properly.

Choose waiting room chairs that are comfortable but elegant and stylish. Also, make sure they match.

Use neutral colors and decor to give the space a fashionable look. Everything from a new TV, to an office layout that isn’t too cramped, can make a huge difference for the design of your office.

As the last word on design, if you’re wondering how to become a dentist people come back to, consider the design of your location. Choose an office space that’s visible with clear signage that leads people to you. When Apple advertises, you can see their design from a mile away.

And, when it comes to any business, the last thing you want is to be invisible.

How to Become a Dentist the Apple Way

All you need for your dental office to operate like Apple is to systematically make every single part of it better.

Simple, no?

From cutting-edge techniques and tools to comfortable design and friendly service, there’s no limit to the things you can make better with a little marketing insight.

So, what’s standing between you and the kind of dentistry an Apple exec would be proud of?

Chances are, not much.

Visit us today for all the latest news and developments in the dental industry.

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