25 Dental Giveaway Ideas People Will Actually Want to Use

When you create dental giveaways, you should get a return on your investment — in the form of happy patients, better reviews, social likes/shares, and ultimately more patients.

A giveaway isn’t cheap. You have to buy in bulk to get great prices. You lose a lot if your efforts fall flat.

So don’t let that happen.

Let’s look at how to get your name out there on the right stuff.

Check out our list of dental giveaways people actually use.

Water Bottles

You care about your patient’s overall health.

The American Dental Association reminds us that hydration is good for teeth and gums.

As a dentist, you’re targeting people who care about their health.

When health-conscious people get a nice water bottle, they use it. They take it everywhere.

If your information is on there, it’s a constant reminder to make/keep an appointment or perhaps to recommend you to others.

Tooth Healthy Snacks

First of all, stay away from peanuts and pretzels. We don’t want patients to feel like they’re on an air plane.

Lead by example. Show patients how easily they can eat tooth healthy foods on the go.

Hand out packets of almonds or calcium-rich snacks. If refrigeration is an option, hand out small packs of carrots or cheese cubes after their visit.

Xylitol Pops/Candy/Gum

Many people won’t try something to find out they like it unless it’s given to them for free.

Introduce your patients to Xylitol sweetened candies and gum with your logo.

Most people will try it and if you give them several pieces, maybe they’ll share it too.

Grocery Bags

It all depends on your budget. If you can do tote bags with your logo, they’ll be a big winner.

Many people today opt for reusable grocery bags. They use them again and again.

They carry them to their cars with your information proudly displayed for all to see.

But they’re not just for groceries. They tote sports equipment, school supplies, and they can be used for trips.

Everywhere they go, you go with them on the side of their tote.


We have two takes on this.

You could offer stress relieving Mp3’s for your TMJ sufferers to chill out before bed.

Or you could offer 2-minute tooth brushing songs for kids.

The nice thing about these dental giveaways is that they’re free. You can simply send the songs through social or email.

Or create a page on your site for downloads.

Ear buds

Ear buds are inexpensive these days. You can put your logo on the pouch.

People remember you as they’re listening to their favourite songs.

Brushing Timers

It’s very useful and it directly relates to healthy teeth.

There are many fun-to-brush timers out there that you can personalise. Choose ones that speak to your target patients.

Why not give your patient an extra to share with a friend?

Tube Squeezer

It’s a universal problem. How do you get all of the paste out of the tube?

Most people would never buy a tube squeezer in a store. But these dental giveaways can seem like the best ever because they solve a real problem.

USB Wall Charger

People love their devices. USB wall chargers are small and versatile, but just big enough for your practise’s information.

They’re something that many patients would use every day to charge up their iPhones and other devices.

Don’t be afraid to venture out beyond dental-related items if you know it’s something that your patients will absolutely love.

Travel Pouches

Everyone needs them. A little plastic zipper pouch to put their toothbrush, tooth paste, floss, and mouthwash in is one of the best dental giveaways.

It helps them remember to take tooth care with them when they travel.

It keeps the tooth brush clean. And it prevents water, paste, and washes from getting on other packed items.


When we’re moving into summer, remind patients to protect their skin and visit their dentist by providing travel-size 30 SPF sunscreen.

Dental Floss (the good stuff)

Don’t go cheap when it comes to dental giveaways. Patients will notice if you gave them the very basic floss.

We know it’s just as effective. But people today want more.

Give away flavoured flosses and dental tape in appealing packaging to get their attention and show you care.

Hand Sanitiser

Lots of people like to keep hand sanitiser on hand when things get messy.

You can get it in a spray tube or gel.

Travel Tissues/Wet Wipes

Travel tissues and wet wipes can be a “life saver”.

You can be a part of that relief that they’re there for the patient when they need them by offering them as dental giveaways.

Denture/Retainer case

It’s practical. And every partial, denture or retainer wearer needs it and uses it every day.

Your name and location should be on it.

Cases come in basic colours, sparkly or with designs.

You’ll find the perfect one for your patients.

Lip balm

Help patients keep their lips healthy and moisturised when the days turn colder.

Give them SPF sunscreen lip balm for blistering days.

Many patients use lip balm constantly.

What a great way to show you care!

Travel Mirror

Who hasn’t needed to check their teeth after eating salsa or veggies? What if there’s no bathroom in sight?

Travel mirrors are something that everyone wishes they had when they needed it.

You can be a part of that solution.

Key chain Light

If you give someone a key chain light, they will use it.

People understand the value.

It will go right on their keys immediately. It likely won’t be removed until it’s falling apart.

Go where they go on a key chain light.

Herb Seeded Paper/ Plant pods

Celebrate life and spring with seed pods. While these may only have a one time use, they mean so much.

These biodegradable packets can be buried in a pot or a flower bed to produce seedlings in a week or so — then flowers or herbs.

Want to add some fun for children?

You could include a small pot with your name on it. That way, the experience will be even better remembered.

Hot/Cold packs

When someone gets a toothache, you want them to think of you.

Mouth-sized hot/cold packs in the shape of a tooth are the perfect dental giveaways. They reach patients at exactly the moment that they need your service.


It’s not a Fitbit or Apple Watch. But for many who don’t have these more expensive devices, pedometer are great dental giveaways.

They encourage overall health and those who wear them are constantly looking at them to check their progress.

Shouldn’t your information be there?

Key chain (get creative)

Besides the flashlight, you can design many trendy key chains to represent your business. Give it some personality with colours and clever shapes.

Just like the flashlight, once they put it on there, it stays so you go with them everywhere.

Mouse pad

Don’t go ordinary. Make it fun. Shape it like a tooth. Make it colourful and friendly.

Mouse pads are a great way to get your name into a person’s workplace.

Co-workers see it, which starts an interesting conversation.

Gift Cards

They can seem impersonal for birthdays and gifts, but gift cards as prises get people excited.

Run a contest on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Offer gift cards to the winners.

They don’t have to be worth £100. People will get excited over £5 to their favourite sandwich or coffee shop.

People just like the joy of winning something.

If you’re shooting for a harder contest with fewer winners, offer a £10 or £15 as the grand prise. Then lower amounts for the runners up.

Encourage sharing with others to expand the reach of your contest to new patients.

But be careful not to suggest that people have to share or like something in order to enter. That goes against social media rules.


Today everyone is on the Internet.

They want to know what those white spots on their tonsils are.

They want to know if a cavity always hurts.

They want to know if over the counter teeth whiteners will damage their teeth.

Sharing information in the form of a blog should be among your dental giveaways bag of tricks.

Creating Effective Dental Giveaways

Do know your target audience. Dental giveaways should match your demographics.

Are you an orthodontist? Then a retainer case is a perfect fit.

Are you targeting busy parents with kids? Hand sanitiser, tissues and travel cases will do the job.

Are you located in the trendy, eco-conscious part of town, re-usable grocery bags and seed pods speak their language.

Do see what your competitors are doing and do it better.

Don’t be cheap. You want people to get good use out of your item and think highly of you. Cheap doesn’t send the right message.

Always have a strategy. Know what you want to achieve and measure the impact of your campaign.

Do you want to know more about how to get more patients and wow the ones you have? Have you struggled to create a positive buzz around your practice?

Check out our Dental Marketing Services.

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