3 Easy Strategies That Can Grow Your Dental Practice’s Instagram, Right Now

Forward planning and advanced scheduling of quality social media content is the bread and butter of a well performing social media account. However, as all good marketing sandwiches go, your bread and butter becomes even more appealing when you also add lots of tasty fillings. 

You can easily enhance your accounts by ensuring that not only are you active in real time, but that you are integrating a few social media strategies into your daily workflows. 

So let’s learn how to grow your social media presence, increase your organic following and systemise your engagement, with these three social strategies – or as we like to call them – your social marketing sandwich fillings!

Strategy #1

Quite simply when you are active on your dental practice’s Instagram account you should be following, liking and commenting on other profiles on a daily basis on Instagram!

When one of these three actions are performed, a notification is sent to the other account making the user aware that you have engaged with their content. They are likely to then return the favour by engaging back and they may even enquire about your services via a DM… That enquiry can turn into a prospective lead, and ultimately a new patient!

Strategy 1

This is the basis of the Gary Vee Strategy! Social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk composed this simple growth Instagram marketing strategy that follows three simple steps. 

Step 1 – Find a hashtag that is relevant to your business or services (#Invisalign) and engage with the Top Posts of this hashtag. 

Step 2 – Try to avoid being generic, and add value where you can. E.G. “Wow, we love what a difference an iTero can make on those initial smile evaluations”.

Step 3 – Repeat the two steps above for other hashtags that are relevant to your brand, services or location.

The content that is ranked in the Top Posts has a higher level of engagement meaning your comments are visible to more users! 

Strategy #2

Utilising location and places tagging! This Instagram feature is perfect for engaging with accounts that tag a specific location. For you, that would be accounts that have tagged a location or place that is in the local area/radius to your dental practice. 

This feature will allow you to see which accounts are ranking in the Top 9 posts for engagements and which accounts have recently posted content in your local area.

Strategy 2

Search your current location, for example ‘Birmingham, United Kingdom’ and engage with 5 accounts that have recently posted content in this location. Don’t forget to leave a ‘considered comment’ on 3 accounts that have ranked in the Top 9 posts.

Try searching for businesses in your local area, too. That coffee shop down the street?  Take a look at who has been tagging them on Instagram. It is more than likely that the coffee shop’s customer is a local resident, who could be on the search for a new dental practice – and what’s better than one right on their doorstep (that has engaged with their social media accounts!) 

Strategy #3

Instagram is packed full of features, other than sharing to your main feed, that are just waiting to be utlised and work to build your page engagement. Whilst you may not have time to create unique reels, IGTV’s and stories on a daily basis you should definitely strategise sharing content!

Strategy 3

Reshare Instagram Posts to your Instagram story from relevant social accounts that you follow. 

For example, you might find an Invisalign tip that’s worth sharing with your audience, repost it and add extra text to the story like ‘Check out this Invisalign tip by…’. 

Or you might be able to repurpose the content from another user’s reel to match yours! For example, you find a Reel showcasing some food/meal prep, you could mention in the comments the oral health benefits of eating this type of food and then repost it to your story and include a question to your existing audience like “We love these great healthy meal prep ideas, which ones are your fave?” 

This not only helps you engage with other users on Instagram, becoming an active part of the online dental community, but engages your own following with new content! 

So, what next?

Assign a team member one day of the week to complete all of the above OR share out a certain task that each team member must have to complete that week. 

We can guarantee if you begin to build these social strategies into your marketing management you will begin to see your engagement and audiences grow across your social media pages. 

We get it though, when it comes to preparing and running a successful social marketing strategy for your dental practice, it is no easy task to come up with dynamic and engaging content, stay up to date with the latest features AND implement organic growth strategies that perform well for your business…  

So why not Get in touch with us today and we can show you how to make sure that not only your social media is the best it can be, but all aspects of your Digital Marketing are working to deliver great results for your practice.

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