9 creative Tik Tok Ideas for Dentists

TikTok is now watched by its users, on average, for longer than YouTube in both the UK and US. It’s clear that the latest social media app is only increasing in popularity. 

According to app monitoring firm, App Annie, the average time per user spent on the apps is higher for TikTok, ultimately meaning higher levels of engagement, too. 

Boasting an estimated 700 million users, TikTok is also currently ranked the most downloaded app worldwide since 2020! 

So, how does a dental practice capitalise on the popularity of the app that everyone is talking about…? 

Create their own TikTok account of course!

Once you have created your account (use the same handle as your instagram, facebook and twitter account for consistency) , added a branded profile pic and crafted a powerful and punchy bio – it’s time to start posting some content.

However, if you don’t know your Doja Cat from your Bella Poarch, we have got you covered with 9 of our quick and easy creative TikTok ideas for dentists…

1.The Treatment Process

Why not consider recording a treatment process that one of your patients is undergoing?

This will give your audience a behind-the-scenes look into what actually takes place during a specific treatment.

What’s great about TikTok is that you can record short video segments without having to record a full-length video or you can create a short video clip using pre-recorded videos that you already have saved on your phone! Easy right? 

You could document a whole treatment process like Invisalign and turn it into a 60-second video clip using TikTok.

Check out @dr.ndeokie’s TikTok video called the ‘The Invisalign Process

We love that you can see the initial stages the patient has gone through before the aligners are fitted. @dr.ndeokie has even used a suitable song choice ‘Katy Perry – Smile’ to add to the overall experience.


The Invisalign Process#trinidaddentist #trinidaddentistry #womenindentistry #invisaligntt #invisalign

♬ Smile – Katy Perry

2. Make your Potential New Patients Laugh!

Everyone loves funny videos including your audience! These are the ones that are the most shared too, so it’s time to get that comedic career off the ground.

If you can make your audience laugh through your social media content then it’s very likely that they will engage with the content and they may even decide to share it with their followers.

@thekillakay_ TikTok video called ‘Dentists when they’re working on your teeth’ is a great example of a funny yet effective video that people can relate to about visiting the dentist.


3. Treatment Information

TikTok videos that share important information about a specific treatment are a great way of answering commonly asked questions within a short video clip.

@teeth.by.az TikTok video does exactly this, where he answers 3 important questions about Invisalign whilst making it fun and engaging. What’s great about this is that users may have to watch it more than once to read everything, this adds to the overall view count of the post. More engagement = more power on TikTok! 


#foryoupage #fyp #invisalign #teethbyaz #teeth #dancingdentist #dentist

♬ original sound – asim zaidi143

4. Before & Afters

Before & After shots should be a fundamental part of a dentist’s social media content!  It’s important to showcase your work and show your audience what kind of dental results they can expect from you.

@drtejaspatel TikTok video is an engaging Before & After video which shows you the massive difference the treatments have made to the patient’s smile. This is a perfect example of a smile makeover. We really like how he times the video and makes sure that the ‘After’ shots fall on the beat of the song, too! Don’t forget to use trending music to increase your chances of being featured on the For You Page, too! 


#beforeandafter #smilemakeover #dental #dentist #transformation #cosmeticdentistry #teeth #fix #permanent #teethwhitening

♬ original sound – RaveCentral

5. Testimonials

Sharing testimonials on your social media pages is a fantastic way to increase the reputation of your dental practice and to build further rapport between you and your audience.

@dr_plolo TikTok video is a testimonial from a dad who suffers from dental anxiety and how the dentist helped calm down his son who suffered from the same anxiety. This dentist is taking a kind and caring approach and is showing his audience that he cares about his patients.


Follow MY IG @dr_plolo Testimony From Dad #dentist #dentista #dentistryworld #dentistsoftiktok #fy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Wants and Needs – Drake

6. The Dancing Dentist

TikTok dancing trends are a fun and entertaining way of driving extra engagement and views to the content. We love the idea behind @davidcohendds TikTok video, rather than just simply dancing along to a song in the video, he shares oral health advice around the topic of ‘Drinks that stain your teeth’.  Education and entertainment? It’s a 10/10 from us!


Hardest woah I ever hit #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #dancingdentist

♬ KyleYouMadeThat – All About Cake – KyleYouMadeThat

7. The Singing Dentist

Dr Milad Shadrooh who is also known as ‘The Singing Dentist’ is a famous social media dentist for his unique talent of singing dental parodies to popular songs.

The Singing Dentist TikTok channel is full of funny and engaging video content that is worth checking out for creative ideas that have a dental related theme.

So if anyone in your team has a hidden talent for singing/rapping, encourage them to record and cover one of their favourite songs and to add a little dental twist to it. 


Body Parody – @russmillions @tionwayne9 @arrdeetik #foryou

♬ original sound – Singing Dentist

8. Birthdays

Is there a staff member’s birthday coming up?

Why not record a quick happy birthday video for them and share it on your social media pages to wish them a happy birthday and to thank them for all of their hard work.

Here is a perfect example of a dental team doing just this – https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRVWh2u8/


9. #Trending

Keep your eye on the latest TikTok trends and join in on the fun. There is always a way to make a TikTok trend suit your audience and USP, with a little bit of creativity. 

Check out  one of our clients, @teeth.by.az who created his own version of this questions and answers trend. Using the trending music too, Asim was able to create a tailored, and fun, dental version of the TikTok trend that everyone was joining in with! 


#invisalign #dentist #smile #teeth #foryou #cosmeticdentist #fyp #teethwhitening

♬ Jalebi Baby – Tesher


We hope a few of these ideas have sparked your inner TikTok creator, and you’re excited to start creating your own content. Don’t forget you can also utilise any content you create across your other social channels too – a TikTok can be easily modified into an Instagram reel or added as a Facebook video. 

Why not check out one of our other handy guides on getting the most out of your Social Media marketing too? Read our post on 21 Creative Instagram post ideas to inspire you into posting regularly and with confidence or our top tips on introducing Instagram’s latest feature, reels, to your practices page. 



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