Letter from Dominate Dental to Clients

Hi Clients, 

We wanted to update you on how things are progressing over here during this strange time. We are continually assessing our strategy and we are very confident that the best course of action is to alter, respond and stand strong. 

Below you’ll find opportunities our team has identified through data collection as well as updates to our services to support you through this short term disruption. 

This is a great time to generate as much interest as possible for those who are sat at home on their phones; to respond appropriately with education, nurture and a pre-booked (and flexible) consultation for the future. 

Whilst things seem bleak at the moment, this can truly be used as a time to enhance your business, brand build and get things ready and raring to thrive when everything calms down. 

Good news. 

We are still seeing enquiries come in across the whole of the UK. 

We are recommending that you set clear expectations with new enquiries; securing “priority” treatment status for when the doors open, and honoring current promotions or offers that you decide to offer.

UPDATE: This messaging is being added to all campaigns. 

More good news. 

Facebook and Google are seeing higher traffic and engagement as people are working remotely or at home. 

More traffic means higher reach, stronger brand recognition, and most importantly, securing smile assessments or consultations for when business begins to return to normal.

Right now it is crucial for all small businesses to fight the urge to “shut down,” and instead, continue building a pipeline of future patients who are eager to seek treatment as soon as they are able.

This can make or break your ability to quickly bounce back as you will have secured a flood of patients immediately ready to take treatment. 

The substantial risk of temporarily “shutting down” will result in an even longer delay to ramp back up to speed against other practices who have continued their growth initiatives.

Additional Services We’re Giving To You at No Cost

We are putting together additional marketing materials and emails for you to send to all patients (including current/potential Invisalign patients) to maintain relationships and secure future treatment.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Social Media Posts (we can post these for you if we’re managing your Pages)
  • Emails 
  • Updates to your existing lead generation campaigns (more info to come)

Final note.

Our team is 100% focussed and determined to increase our level of service to support our partnership. We’re here for the long run – as are you. 

Together, we’ll come out of this on top and ahead.

Dominate Dental

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