19 Dental Blog Post Ideas

Maintaining a blog is a really powerful thing – if you commit to it.

But what exactly is a blog and why is having one important?

Let’s have a look…

A blog is a regularly updated stream of publications packed with useful information, that features on your dental practice’s website.

It’s an online, digital place where you can…

  • Share valuable information with current and prospective patients
  • Educate prospective patients on new technologies/services
  • Give tips and share insightful facts
  • Share fun information about yourself or your team
  • Discuss the latest dental trends
  • Establish and convey the personality of your practice

That’s not all a blog does, though.

Having a blog helps direct traffic to your website, aids with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and helps you establish connections and relationships with your current and prospective patient base (as well as giving you a platform to showcase your knowledge and how much of an industry expert you are of course).

Your blog is often the first thing a prospective patient may see when searching for information online – in their buying cycle, blogs come right in at the top.

When all of these points work together, they help you to increase traffic to your website, generate leads, grow your patient list, and ultimately make more money.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? I think so.

Here’s how it works.

  • Firstly – there’s nothing worse than a blog which was last updated 2 years ago – so if you’re thinking of starting a blog, commit to updating it regularly!
  • Use your blog to regularly publish valuable, insightful and interesting information.
  • Publish your blog to your website (your Home Base) and all of your social media channels (your Outposts) – amplify it’s exposure by linking the content into your Newsletters and emails.
  • Current patients will read your blog, and feel nurtured by the insightful information you present to them – they know that their dentist knows their stuff!
  • Your blog contains lots of keywords that prospective patients might type into Google – when they do, your blog is featured and they read it.
  • These prospective patients find your blog so valuable that they share it on their social media pages – perhaps their friends and family will read it too…
  • The next time they have a dental problem, they remember your blog and search for it directly (here’s where you’ve started to build trust with these prospective patients).
  • Your cleverly constructed blog features a Call to Action, so your prospective patients take this action, and book an appointment at your dental practice!

However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind, in order to make it that last stage.

That thing is VALUE.

You could write blogs all day long about how much you love your pets, but is that beneficial to your prospective patients? Does that content add value to your prospective patient’s lives? The answer is no.

If all you do is write about your dog, your patients aren’t going to read your content.

The point is, to constantly and consistently provide your reader with valuable and insightful information – whilst also making it super easy to read, follow and implement.

If you’re struggling for ideas on what to write your blog about click here to download our free list of 21 Dental Blog Topics Swipe File.

Download 21 Dental Blog Topics

When you’ve got an idea for some value-packed, insightful blog topics, there’s loads of different styles in which you can write them!

Let’s have a look at some of the most effective approaches for the dental industry.

19 Dental Blog Post Ideas

Case Study blog: whether it’s the first procedure you cut your teeth on (excuse the pun), or the finished results of your first Invisalign case – presenting this to prospective patients as a case study (especially with rich content: before and after photos) is a brilliant way of showcasing your work.

Educational blogs: share insightful and valuable information, this can be from your own original findings and research or something you’ve read from a third party. Remember; if it’s third party research, add your thoughts to it and ask your readers’ opinion – a great way to increase engagement with your blog!

List blogs: list things! Here’s an example of a list post:
Emergency dental items that all sports centres should keep to hand


Checklist blog: people like the gratification of being able to tick something off a list – so for example, you could write a 10 point checklist for “Bi-Annual Dental Hygiene” and challenge your reader to tick off each element in the next 6 months (make sure one of them is to book their next hygienist appointment… at your practice).

Tutorial blogs: take your patients step-by-step through a process of how to do something (This is a great place to embed some ‘rich content’ on your website by presenting the tutorial via a video!).

Tip blogs: offer an aggregated list of valuable tips on how to do something; like tips for properly brushing your teeth, or how to spot when your toothbrush needs changing.



Definition blog: now, you might know the difference between lichen planus and gingivitis, however your prospective patients may not. Culminating a simple blog post that defines some common dental terminology can boost your SEO and become a ‘go-to glossary’ for your patients.

Series blog: look for a chance to break a blog topic up into a series of posts that you can release day to day, or week to week. This will really aid your reader retention, because of course, you’re going to leave each blog post on a juicy cliff hanger, so your reader can’t help but click on the ‘subscribe’ button for next week’s post!
Remember: link the posts together so your reader doesn’t miss the previous blog.

Interview blog: you’d be surprised how easy it is to get someone to give you an interview. All you need to do is ask them a few questions and record their answers! If you know an industry expert – excellent, drop them an email to ask if you can schedule a 5 minute call with them to discuss their field. Alternatively, why not ask a long standing patient about a successful procedure they had at your practice? Jot their answers into a blog post and give your readers a first hand look into someone else’s experience (the best bit of this one is, technically, your interviewee writes the blog content for you!).

Pick of the Week blog: this is an effective way of producing blog content weekly. Your pick of the week can be a succinct and valuable explanation of a new dental tool, toothbrush, mouthwash, industry expert… maybe even pick a patient of the week!

Review blog: a less regular and more insightful adaptation of the ‘pick of the week’ blog. Take some time to thoroughly review a new product on the market, or a new dental procedure and inform your reader about it. Or, take two and compare them – share your expertise.

Meme blog: memes are everywhere right now. Spend 5 minutes searching for a few light hearted memes about dentists/teeth and pop a few on your blog to entertain your readers.

Issue blog: find an issue (a dental condition) that may affect your audience and write a post about it. Let’s take wisdom tooth pain for example, your post will provide your reader with valuable and actionable information; anywhere from how to treat the symptoms at home, to outlining the removal procedure, to where to go for help… Which is your practice, of course!

Seasonal/Holiday blog: if you’re shutting down for Christmas, Diwali, New Year, Eid, Easter or Thanksgiving – then write a blog to tell your patients, whilst also taking the opportunity to wish them a happy holiday. If you’re not shutting down – tell your patients that if they need anything, you’re open!

Behind the scenes blog: another great place for some rich content in the form of videos and photos. Give your readers an insight into what happens behind the scenes at your practice.

Profile blog: pick a member of the team, or even yourself, and write out a ‘get to know me’ profile. Include some anecdotal information as well as your role in the practice and professional profile (okay, I know I said don’t write posts about your dog but on this occasion you can give him a mention). This helps build trust with prospective patients, and lets your current patients get to know you better.

Company update blog: is something changing about your practice? A new team member, weekend opening times, phone numbers, waiting room makeover, more car parking spaces!? If so – then share it on your blog – people want to know.

FAQ blog: have a look through your social media, and ask the front desk team to keep a note of what the most commonly asked questions are about your practice. Compile these into a blog post with the answers and voila! Blog content. (This might also be a great tab to have on your website).

Challenge blog: set your readers a challenge, perhaps it might be to; brush your teeth an extra time a day for two weeks, and post a before and after photo on our Facebook page.

So there you have it, 19 dental blog post types!

If this all seems a bit daunting, or – let’s be honest, you simply don’t have time to commit to regularly updating your blog with solid, valuable content, no worries! Get in touch with us to discuss our all-in-one blogging package.

Implementing different blog types into your blogging strategy is so important; keep in mind that everyone who enters your dental practice has different dental needs, so the same goes for the people who read your blog.

Mix up your approach and keep it fresh – it’ll keep your interest in writing the content too.

Why don’t you give it a try?

Now is the time to commit to writing a blog for your dental practice.

Take a minute now and write down a few blog post ideas, and what blog type to write them in, that you think would be valuable content for your patients to read.

Still stuck for ideas? Then download our free list of 21 Dental Blog Topics to get started writing valuable blog posts for your practice today.

Download 21 Dental Blog Topics

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